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Trends in European Remuneration Disclosures


The most recent remuneration disclosure season saw a few highly contentious cases where shareholders opposed or rejected remuneration related proposals. We think that this trend towards higher scrutiny of remuneration topics will continue over the next few years. Beyond, we expect it will accentuate with the new rules which will be introduced by the European Union with their key purpose to further reinforce shareholder rights.


2018 Guide to Leading Disclosure Practices


In this environment, companies are well-advised to continuously review and adjust their approach to remuneration disclosure. We have compiled a report which assessed disclosure practices of more than 75 of the largest companies in 12 European countries. The focus of this report is almost entirely on structure, breadth and depth of remuneration disclosure rather than quantum of pay. A secondary aspect is the user-friendliness and accessibility of disclosures for broader and increasingly international audiences. 

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For a company specific drill-down, we recommend our Disclosure Review Workshop, which can include delegates from all functions contributing to your disclosures (e.g., Corporate/Group Executive Affairs, Group HR / C&B, Legal, Investor Relations).


Individual assessments (including company-specific recommendations) are also available for other companies with a European stock market listing and which were not covered in our analysis.


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One of our earlier publications on Remuneration Disclosures is available here:

Compensation Reporting in Europe: A Progress Report
FREE HR ValueCurve article published in WorldatWork 'Workspan' magazine, November 2013 issue
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"The idea for the study originated when we were seeking to improve the remuneration report of a major European multinational. We looked for guidance on leading practice across Europe but it didn't exist at the time in any consolidated form. This is the gap we set out to fill with our unique study of 75 reports from 12 European countries." (Photo: N. Turner, D. Klein-Wagner)


Anne Ruddy, former President & CEO of the global professional organization for Total Rewards practitioners, WorldatWork: "Executive Pay is in the spotlight, and the way a company communicates its remuneration policies can have a dramatic impact on how those policies are received. HR ValueCurve's innovative report illustrates how companies can go beyond the minimum reporting requirements and communicate their executive pay practices in ways that truly engage and inform their key stakeholders."