What we do

HR ValueCurve is your dependable and trusted partner for all areas of HR subject matter expertise, i.e., talent, reward and performance. Working seamlessly together with you and your team, we support you in meeting your clients’ evolving needs.

An effective HR Delivery Model enables business performance, and is provided by a lean, agile and capable HR team. Today's HR function faces ever greater demands in working as a strategic partner to the business:

  • Shape the organization for effective delivery
  • Enable growth, assure an engaging work climate
  • Improve the bottom line

Excellent service and outstanding content delivered seamlessly, needs to be achieved with scalable HR cost and fewer permanent resources. Our services help you master this challenge and move / stay ahead. See below some success stories of what we do.


Success stories - here some examples of 'what we do':


Remuneration Committee support

Providing appropriate research, analysis and opinions / recommendations – as necessary – to the Remuneration Committees and Chief HR Officers of various businesses, including development/shaping of effective pre-read materials and presentations to support decision-making, appropriate recording of decisions and suggestions to strengthen processes.

Strategic review of Employee Value Proposition

Developed a workshop to expose senior HR leaders in a global technology corporation to global trends relevant to the current and future workforce. Delivered a strategic review and HR outside-in perspective of the employee value proposition to support its continued relevance in a fierce war for top talents with start-ups.

Global compensation & benefits strategy advice

Developed process to assess total compensation competitiveness in a digital media entertainment company. Reviewed vendors, coordinated with agreed most suitable vendor to obtain relevant benchmark data, carried out analysis and established deviations. Presented findings and recommendations for adaptation of existing strategy.

Global Job Leveling and Pay Competitiveness analysis

(1) Established a simple process to level jobs, assess pay competitiveness and budgeting needs in strategic growth markets of a major oil business spin-off, provided appropriate tools and educational materials to support knowledge transfer to internal resources and their competence development.

(2) Established a process for a consistent pay competitiveness analysis in global investment manager, including establishing job structures and developing robust compensation guidance ranges, proposing the annual review budget and increase recommendations.

(3) Established process options for regular compensation competitiveness review of key value driver jobs across portfolio of businesses in a privately owned business conglomerate.

HR process mapping & risk analysis / management

(1) Delivered HR process mapping workshop and supported knowledge transfer to new Head of HR of an investment manager after business separation/spin-off. Identified activities/tasks that must be delivered with internal resources versus those that can be outsourced, supported transition.

(2) Reviewed and mapped HR reward and performance cycle processes, established links to talent, key risks and mitigating actions to support successful start of new Head of Reward in Holding of a privately owned group of businesses, ensure knowledge transfer and a smooth transition.

Remuneration framework and governance

Interviewed remuneration committee chair, members and key executives in a diversified privately owned group of businesses to collect their input and views for the development of an effective group remuneration architecture. Established remuneration principles, developed group remuneration policy and supporting guidelines, governance and implementation approach to solidify practices, ensure fairness and consistency.

Long-term incentive design

Established options for executive long-term incentive plan in private equity business, designed plan, supported development of relevant performance standards for scaling of awards, drafted plan rules and grant notice letter and shaped materials for plan approval.

Sales Compensation design

Delivered a critical review, expert opinion and simplification options for a complex new sales compensation plan in a venture capital controlled business, presented findings, recommendations and implementation options to support a successful global plan roll-out and ensure participant buy-in and motivation.

Reward capability assessment

Assessed functional capability of lead candidate to support selection process for critical international reward role in a privately held growth business.

Reward capability building

(1) Developed and delivered a tailored executive remuneration workshop to new global HR leadership team of a European multinational to support team building and competence development.

(2) Developed and delivered executive remuneration design & governance workshop to a group of top executives from listed and privately owned companies as part of their ‘new director / non-executive director’ HR orientation and competence development program of a leading business school.

(3) Designed and delivered a post-graduate reward and performance course to Master of HR Management students at a university of applied sciences.

De-risking of long term liabilities

Established strategy for de-risking of long term liabilities in privately held global manufacturing & engineering business, assessed and recruited small team of experts to diligently execute plan, presented de-risking strategy for each country and cost to remuneration committee for approval, gave regular progress updates and ensured successful delivery.

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