Competence Development

Executive Remuneration Clinic


The Executive Remuneration Clinic prepares senior HR and Reward professionals to interact with top executives on executive remuneration matters and manage the most complex situations comfortably and with confidence.


This innovative new competence development program includes a number of knowledge-building sessions, group exercises and case studies from real businesses.


It is available as an in-house leadership program, e.g., organized for an HR leadership team, as well as an open enrollment course for participants from several organizations (depending on the number of interested parties).


Please see our downloadable flyer for more information on this competence development program for senior HR leaders: 

Executive Remuneration Clinic
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Remuneration Disclosure Workshop

Across Europe, the most recent remuneration disclosure season saw a few highly contentious cases where shareholders opposed or rejected remuneration matters. We think that this trend towards higher scrutiny of remuneration topics will further accentuate in the next years.


As a result, companies are well-advised to carefully revisit their approach to remuneration disclosure. For a company specific drill-down, we recommend our Disclosure Review Workshop, which can include delegates from all functions contributing to your disclosures (e.g., Executive Affairs, Group HR / C&B, Legal, IR).


Please see our downloadable flyer for more information on our Disclosure Review Workshop: 

Disclosure Review Workshop
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Remuneration Governance Workshop


Remuneration design and governance is increasingly being monitored and/or managed by a central unit at company holding / headquarters level. This is to assure effective plan design for employee rewards to meet their purpose, to oversee compliance, manage risks and cost.


We support companies with a need to review and tighten their delegation of authority for people related risks and set up an effective governance system to preempt unnecessary surprises, headaches and financial / reputational damages.


Please see below our downloadable flyer for more information:

Remuneration Governance Workshop
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