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HR ValueCurve is a boutique international HR consultancy providing independent HR advice and services to private & public companies. 


An effective HR Delivery Model enables business performance, and is provided by a lean, agile and capable HR team. Today‘s HR Function faces ever greater demands in working as a strategic partner to the business.


We take pride in developing and implementing sustainable HR solutions that help organizations climb the HR value curve. Our industry experienced subject matter experts support organizations in driving HR effectiveness and efficiency – for sustained business success.


As accomplished HR leaders we are experts in Strategy, Design and Implementation, without neglecting Change and Stakeholder Management which so often decide on the success or failure of initiatives. 


Too many things to do? 

Not enough capacity or capability to deliver all?


Our extensive HR experience uniquely positions us to help you optimize your HR specialist organization, policy frameworks, plans and processes for greater effectiveness, efficiency, reduced risk and sustained performance. We can be your flexible "back office" providing "on-demand" talent, reward & performance services to you when you run out of internal resources or expertise.


Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs:

Email:  info@hrvaluecurve.com

Phone: +49 89 4131 0862 

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