About us


HR ValueCurve is a boutique international HR consultancy providing independent HR advice and services to private & public companies. Our HR consultants and subject matter experts support organizations in driving HR effectiveness and efficiency for an improved bottom line and long-term company success. We take pride in developing and implementing sustainable HR solutions that help organizations climb the HR value curve.


We set ourselves ambitious goals and are unafraid of even the most challenging assignments. Our comprehensive corporate HR experience combined with our business understanding and performance orientation support us in achieving excellent results.


We like to work in partnership with our clients. By asking relevant questions, we can quickly grasp challenges, identify root causes, confirm current and future needs and develop appropriate solutions, for lasting success.


We know what leading HR practices look like, we are experienced in HR transformations, and we know how to make change both happen and stick.


Please see on the left some examples of our typical areas of activity.


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