List of topics for future debates

To make sure that the topics for our SHRDM are relevant to you, we need your feedback!

  1. Experiences with different HRIT technologies / cloud applications, user interfaces, and use of Artificial Intelligence (27 June)
  2. Remuneration benchmarking: Current approaches, experiences, challenges and potential future strategies (24 October)
  3. Paradox of individualized vs standardized Total Rewards
  4. Targeted compensation approaches (Fix pay vs Base Salary + Bonus vs more complex comp. structures / offer packages)
  5. Administration and risk management of Long-Term Employee Benefits (Pension Plans, Health/Medical Plans, …)
  6. Weighing internal pay equity and critical talent attraction & retention needs
  7. Strategic direction of HR (e.g., client-focused, business-driven, …)
  8. How to adapt employee offer to diverging expectations (workforce segments, Gen-Y/Z/A, …)
  9. How to link reward & recognition to more continuous performance management
  10. Future and importance of performance management (and pay differentiation) in times of talent scarcity
  11. Forward- rather than backward looking talent management (incl. succession planning and link to / differentiation of pay)
  12. Benefits strategy (global vs local) and implications
  13. “People” definition, procurement and lifecycle management
  14. HR effectiveness surveys / feedback – agility vs continuity, follow-up & ownership, change management
  15. Social media utilization to win in war for talent, use of brand ambassadors / influencers /… within HR
  16. Compliant tracking of working hours while maintaining flexibility & agility

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